Ophthalmology Services

Eyeshine Veterinary is proud to be Arizona's only locally-owned, independent veterinary practice providing medical and surgical ophthalmic procedures for all species.

Ophthamology for Small Animals

Small Animal

Eyeshine Veterinary provides compassionate, comprehensive medical and surgical ophthalmology services at our small animal practice location for all veterinary species.

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Horse Eye Doctor


Dr. Reed has a passion for horses and is proud to be the only veterinary ophthalmologist in the Phoenix area to provide services for horses both at local equine hospitals and in the field.

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Veterinary Eye Care Specialist

Primary Care DVM

Eyeshine’s team-approach to veterinary healthcare means collaboration with each pet’s healthcare team: Eyeshine Veterinary, the patient’s family, and you – the Primary Care DVM.

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How do I know if my Pet Needs to See the Eye Doctor?

Animal Eye Care Services

  • Squinting or holding the eye closed
  • Ocular discharge: watery, blood-tinged, or mucous
  • Sudden change in vision
  • Change in appearance of the eye: red, cloudy, white, blue, etc.
  • Rubbing eyes with paw or rubbing face on the floor or furniture
  • Elevated third eyelid (seeing more of the pink or pigmented tissue in the inner corner of the eye)

Arizona’s Only Independent Veterinary Ophthalmologist

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