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Eyeshine Veterinary follows a team-based healthcare model. Each patient’s ophthalmology healthcare team includes Eyeshine, their Family, and You – their Primary Care Veterinarian. We believe working collaboratively allows us to make the best medical decisions for each individual patient.

Eyeshine Veterinary is happy to help you provide your patients with the best ophthalmology care available. Whether you want to send a patient to Eyeshine Veterinary or just have a weird eye question, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Reed. She is an eyeball nerd and takes every chance she has to talk about eyes.

If you have a patient that you would like to send to Eyeshine Veterinary for ophthalmology services, please complete and send us a referring information form and any medical records pertaining to ophthalmic issues, the patient’s past medical records for at least the preceding month, and any diagnostic testing or bloodwork that has been performed in the past 6 months. Both a downloadable form – which can be emailed, faxed, or sent with the pet’s owner – and a fillable form that can be submitted online are available below.

Thank you for trusting Eyeshine Veterinary to provide compassionate Ophthalmology care for your patients.

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