Small Animal Ophthalmology

In addition to providing thorough ophthalmic examinations, Eyeshine Veterinary offers advanced diagnostics and provides comprehensive, evidence-based medical and surgical treatments for ophthalmic conditions in all veterinary species.

Diagnostics: Slit-lamp Biomicroscopy, Ophthalmoscopy, Tonometry, Electroretinography, Fundic Imaging, Ocular Ultrasound, etc.

Common Ophthalmic Conditions in Veterinary Species: Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (Dry Eye), Corneal Infection and Ulceration, Glaucoma, Uveitis (Inflammation inside the Eye), Cataract, Immune-mediated Ocular Conditions, Adnexal Abnormalities, etc.

Surgical Procedures: Corneal Grafting, Intrascleral Prosthesis (an alternative to eye removal for some patients), Cryotherapy for Glaucoma, Neoplasia, and Inherited Conditions, Corneal Keratotomy (linear grid and diamond burr), Reconstructive Eyelid and Third Eyelid Procedures, Cataract Removal Surgery (phacoemulsification), Parotid Duct Transposition, Cyclosporine Implants, etc.

Eyeshine Veterinary also provides CAER – Companion Animal Eye Registry at OFA – Examinations for purebred animals to help reduce the prevalence of genetic hereditary conditions.

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